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Science and Research at the Modern University

September 9, 2012

What passes for research and science these days is really a joke.

PhD students bide their time at the modern university playing solitaire on their office computer.  For them, its about paying their dues as a slave under some professor until they graduate.  To satisfy graduation requirements, they must publish.  So it really doesn’t matter if the research is significant, or contribute to the discipline so long as some kind of result is  published.   That is the modern university for you.

And it shows.  The results are in.

When industry finds 47 out of 53 “landmark” studies done at the modern university cannot be replicated, it pretty much reveals the modern university for what it is:  a sham.

And much of what motivates this is the plethora of PhD students, combined with the universities being funded by easy money.  It is a government conspiracy.

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