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Home-Schooling Vs. Government Education

September 15, 2012

Home-Schoolers are at war with the culture at large which has become utterly brainwashed into thinking government education is necessary to raising well-educated and well-adjusted contributors to society.    It is not.  What do I mean “being at war”?  Well, if you tell the average non-home-schooling parent that you home-school your children, you would immediately know what I mean by the glazed-look and comments which follow…..often  some idiotic remark about socialization, as though life on the island in the “Lord of the Flies” (fostered by the government-run school system) will produce superior results.

Both my parents were government school educators (mother was primary, father was jr. high science).  My sister spent about 20 years as a primary educator in government schools before switching to a Christian private school setting, where she teaches to this day. I spent 11 of my 13 K-12 years in the public school system (2 years in private school).  So I have both experience attending the public school system, a private school, I have observed the chaos behind the scenes from a teacher’s perspective, and I have experience as a home-schooling parent.

Believe me, kids are better off learning at home.

Without delving too deeply into the history of US public education, it was the Prussian model  that Horace Mann advocated copying;  a model  incidentally used by the Prussian court to instill social obedience in their citizens. It is also the 10th  plank of Marx’s Communist Manifesto, which is never a good sign.  And if social obedience was sought, social obedience of the masses is exactly the result.   That is why you will get the glazed-eyed stare and some idiotic parroted comment about socialization that comes out of the mouth of the government school advocate types and parents.  It’s beyond the ability of the government school advocate to “comprehend” anything other than what they have been indoctrinated.

First off, the fruit we have reaped. Link 1, and Link 2  illustrate the results.  We are 25th in math among 34 countries evaluated.  SAT scores have continued to fall since 1972.  In 1995, the test had to be dumbed-down to re-center the mean around 500….this in spite of spending a record $10K of taxpayer money per pupil per year, in 2008 dollars.  Then there are these statistics…..and there is this youtube video.  And to top that, one Ivory tower professor advocates eliminating elementary algebra as a requirement for entrance into university.  So much for the title “uni-versity”.  Might as well eliminate writing the reading requirements for the math competent…..math requirements for the arts literate, and make the unversity a 2 year vocation school.

Family is supposedly the “bedrock of society”.  But what do government schools do from the age of 5?….They strip the family apart through compulsory education.  School buses will come at tax payer expense and take the kids away from their parents for indoctrination.  Children, stripped away from the security of the family are getting their values, morals, ethics, history, and world view from the government should ring alarms to anyone who values liberty….Then the reality check.  Link 3, has a former the former U.S. secretary of Health, Education and Welfare Joseph Califano Jr. (appointed by Jimmy Carter) as quoted as saying it is “state sanctioned child abuse” to send your kids to public schools with gangs, drugs and violence.  Interesting choice of words.   Link 4 , Califana claims that 80% have been exposed to drugs at their school.  44% in middle school.

I distinctly recall my first encounter with the odor of marijuana in 7th grade in the fall of 1977 at 13 years of age, so I am guessing the 44% middle school stat is a low-ball estimate.  I am thinking exposure to drugs (not defined as experimenting with drugs) is much higher than 44% since drugs are far more prevalent now than in 1977 ( in spite of the War on Drugs).  I also wonder if this is the kind of socialization necessary for young children to develop their coping skills….i.e.. Is the socialization that Califano identifies as “child abuse” that which the government-school advocates advocate?  A very specious argument,  indeed.

Next, there are the predators.  The fact that so many of them are females doesn’t shock anyone, anymore.  The scary thing is that men are probably far more likely to commit these kinds of crimes, and we only know of the relatively few who get caught.   I saw this in my school years.  One female classmate of mine had an affair with her 6th grade teacher.  She and the old geezer (we are 47 years as of this writing which would place him in 70’s) are married to this day.  So was it true love?  Or a Creepy 30 something year old hitting on a 12 yo young girl?

The fact that predators go undetected for decades in the public school system doesn’t seem to overly concern the government-school advocates because they probably reason these are only exceptions.  However over  a five-year period in NY city, 97 “tenured” school employees including teachers and principals have been charged by the DOE of sexual misconduct.    I’ll concede to the government-school advocate that the scope of what constitutes “sexual misconduct” can be interpreted broadly these days, so long as the government-school advocate admits most actual predators, however you define a predator, are seldom caught, and go decades of predation without being identified.   Slate  ran an article quoting a study the found 10 percent of students suffer some form of sexual abuse from teachers during their school careers.  This study begs the question:  These are just the teachers.  What can be said about  a bunch of 17 yo boys running around with raging hormones?

Then there is bullying.  It’s not surprising it exists, right?  Kids will be kids.  It’s good to have your child in an environment where they acquire the skills to cope with bullying, right?  (A specious argument if there ever was one.  It’s like arguing a little child abuse will benefit a child’s well-being by teaching him/her how to cope with it).  Bullying is prevalent enough that it has prompted the National Center for Educational Statistics to product a publication of the *reported* cases in schools.  Of note,  in 2011, 74% of the public schools reported incidents of *violent crime*.  Not only this, bullying can lead to cyber bullying and can escalate into even more violence…..another example, and can even have teacher participation….another example.  In some of these cases, especially cyber bullying, it can lead to suicide.

In the days when I went to public school, you had unarmed teachers roaming the halls dealing with discipline issues.  Now you need armed policemen ….See also….(ironic in  this anti-gun culture) to roam the halls and metal detectors at the school entries.  They are strangely welcomed in this leftist dominated and controlled environment which originally made school zones “gun free”.  Is this the safe nurturing environment that government-school advocates advocate?

Of course, none of this is free.  The government spends $10k per pupil of tax payer’s money for what amounts to day care in a potentially hostile, and dangerous environment where the inmates run the asylum.

I’ll summarize some of the things I witnessed in my 11 years of government schooling:

  1.  Classmates taking illegal drugs, and being totally wasted on various illegal drugs during school hours
  2. Illegal Drug sales.
  3. Drunkenness.
  4. Violent fights including those involving knives
  5. One bomb scare
  6. Teacher having a secret affair with a 6th grader (observed years later)
  7. A student lying to a parent for the express purpose of alienating the parent from her daughter
  8. Students bullying other students, especially those with disabilities.
  9. I personally was bullied, hazed, and spit upon by kids 3 years or more older.
  10. Theft.
  11. Lewd indecent comments to young girls.

In my next post, I will write about some of the benefits of home-schooling.

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