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Gun Control and Public Schools

December 16, 2012

So, here in Colorado, our idiotic governor John Hickenlooper thinks the time is right for state legislators to consider gun control measures.  This knee-jerk reaction in response to the shooting in a Oregon mallmovie theater shootings in Denver, school shootings in Connecticut, and the murder/suicide involving a professional football player.

What people don’t know and what puts a complete end to the “gun-control debate” is  the deadliest mass murder in public school history never  involved a single gun of any type, but rather a bomb, and was committed by a school board treasurer.  It is called the Bath School Disaster.

So while our idiotic governor contemplates more gun control measures, he should by similar reasoning, eliminate public education ( since it is a dangerous place to for a child to be raised) , as I have already documented.  I expect the incoherence of liberal think  to take over and for Hickenlooper to come to a completely wrong-headed conclusion.


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