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Laffer Curve In Action

December 16, 2012

For those who ignore economic reality, here are two examples on why we are on the downward slope of the Laffer curve, and why Obamanomics is doomed to complete failure, and will result in a complete destruction of the middle class, and the financial and moral impoverishment of the masses.

Two-Thirds Millionaires Leave Britain to spurn 50% rate tax hike.

Tax Hike and a Free Fall of Revenues in California.

And for those who need further evidence, there is Hauser’s Law…60 years of its empirical validity.

The fundamental problem we have is and always has been the spending of others money by a spend-happy government whose only means of revenue is theft and looting of  the producers, or by theft and looting of the masses through the legalized counterfeiting operation known as the Federal Reserve.

Thou shalt not steal…..ignore the Law of God at your own peril.


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