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Another reason to NOT vote republican (or democrat)

May 25, 2014

We all know the democrats are economically illiterate, corrupt,  and full of cheats, thieves and liars who exist to create division between classes of people in order to exploit them for their vote.  What is more interesting is how there is little difference between republicans and democrats.  Republicans are warmongering versions of economically illiterate, corrupt cheats and thieves on the left.

This one takes the cake.  The republican standard-bearer, the grand parent of Obamacare,  Willard Romney, supports raising the minimum wage.

His reasoning is laughable:  ““Because frankly, our party is all about more jobs and better pay.”

What an economically illiterate buffoon…..  and here I thought it was really bad when Former republican standard-bearer John McCain attacked Rand Paul for his filibuster against drones being used against American citizens without due process.  I despise the republican party as much if not more than the democrats.

So what Willard really supports, is higher unemployment rates among the low skilled, especially minorities so they can become leaches into the system to suck of the tit of the productive.  Well done Willard, or should I use Vox Day’s term, “Captain Underoos”.  I am glad you were humiliated by BO in the last presidential election,


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