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President Obama Unfit for Office, an apologist for the worst kind of evil

February 5, 2015

President Obama, says we should “get off of our high horse” because Christians too, have committed atrocities “in the name of Christ” back during the Spanish Inquisition.  This idiotic statement is one of many examples why Obama is unfit for office.

I’d rather we get ON our high horse and offer NO tolerance for those who commit terrorist acts burning human beings alive and other such atrocities.  Are you kidding Mr. President?  Don’t get on our high horse over this?

Should we excuse the Nazi’s treatment of Jews at Auschwitz and Birkenau?  Isn’t that often the criticism of Roman Catholics who didn’t oppose Hitler?

Or get off our high horse for our judgement as to the morality of discrimination or slavery such as William Wilberforce?

Oh, Dear God in heaven, give us a true leader.  Not this idealogue Quisling apologist for wickedness evil.  The only excuse I can see for this bizarre behavior is Obama’s blundering foreign policy and bad decision piled on bad decision in trying to end the war on terror.  You see, the narcissist Obama can do nothing wrong because he is the cult Messiah.  And when he promises to get the troops out of the Middle East, closing Guantanamo,, he will do so at all cost.

I am all for getting our troops out of the middle East, never fighting any wars there again, but there are obvious ways to do so that won’t create a vacuum that is filled by all sorts of wickedness.   Could there be anything worse than following Bush with Obama as a one-two punch in stupid foreign policy.  I don’t think so.

Here is a prime example why empires fail.

President Obama, I hope you enjoy eternity in hell.


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