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Republican Debate….my thoughts.

August 7, 2015

I didn’t catch the bottom 7 debate, but I did catch the top 10 debate.  My observations:

The ONLY republican most faithful to the constitution is Rand Paul.  Its telling that his Fox News commentators all cheered Chris Christie with his spat with Rand.   Rand is 100% right with regards to the 4th amendment matter and Chris Christie doesn’t give a rats arse about the Constitution.  I have to cry over the fact that one of the Fox News pundits spoke on how Christie got the best of Rand….my thoughts were, only if you don’t give a crap about that pesky document called the Constitution and the rule of law.  Republicans don’t.

The surprise of the night was Marco Rubio who I felt overall was one of the strongest on the stage, projecting clarity, and strength.  The five buffoons on the stage were Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Jeb “Don’t call me Bush”, John Kasich, followed  by the Huckster…..all 5 are no different from the democrats…they are just democrats of a different sort.  All want to extend entitlements. Kasich was the biggest joke invoking God’s calling in robbing from the populace to benefit the poor.  Yeah, you are really dong God’s bidding there.  I just don’t recall Jesus going to Caesar or soliciting tax collectors to do the same.  I tend to recall Jesus saying that man does not live by bread alone.  Kasich seems more interested in folk turning to government for their salvation than Christians fulfilling the needed mandate of caring for the poor….catch a clue, Kasich, you jackarse.  The Christian thing to do is to figure out how to lessen dependence on the state.   Yes, it can’t be done overnight, but conceivably 8 years, it should be a priority to get people off of food stamps.  Part of that solution is gradual austerity…..tough love.  Everyone knows when benefits run out, folk tend to go back to work.

The republicans predictably lamented cuts in military spending and its inability to police the world.  So why do they decry all the debt and deficit spending, they predictably want to spend money to strengthen the military.  Somehow that conflict between military growth and deficit spending never seems to register in their puny minds.

The best thing about Donald Trump is telling it like it is even if he makes a jack*ss out of himself.  Donald didn’t disappoint.  I loved him taking on the prissy Megyn Kelly…the bubble headed bleach blond (extensions and all) on the five o’clock news.  You know Megyn is a closet democrat feminist social justice warrior who wants the world to succumb to US power and dominion…she fits perfectly into the tradition of neoconservative..  Anyway, Trump gives good comedy relief but would make a frightening president.  This guy admits as a businessmen he took advantage of the corruption in Washington to buy politicians of either party indiscriminately.  No moral compunctions whatsoever.    I’m guessing he is a liar also.  I doubt he is really pro-life.  He would make a most frightening president who might make Obama’s disregard for the constitution as little to mention.  Republicans who support this baffoon (Trump)  should be ashamed of themselves.

Finally there is the surgeon, Ben Carson.  While this guy boasted he’s a man who thinks for himself he sure stakes out the familiar territory held by most republicans….strengthen the military ….spend spend spend….and then defeat ISIS…spend spend spend, secure the board….spend  some more.

The two that had the best closings was Carson…and  the Huckster.

But if I have to hear that idiot Kasich speak one more time how being the son of a postal worker somehow qualifies this  big-government  insider as able to relate to common American….the middle, average joe, I think I’ll go postal.

About the only candidates I would vote for is certainly Rand Paul, and possibly Carson, Cruz, or Walker.  But after watching last night’s debate, I have concluded the republican party has learned nothing from 8 years of Bush and are bound to repeat history if they get in power….with little original thought.


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