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The End of the USA

February 27, 2016

I have been watching the some of the debates, and listening to talk radio, here are some thoughts on what I have seen:

This election is a repudiation of the GOP, and is the only reason Trump is destroying his opponents. The political pundits and so-called journalists on Fox News are an embarrassment. While I don’t expect much form MSNBC and CNN, I hate all media networks now. They all live in an insular bubble echo chamber. Congratulations Fox…you are as bad if not worse than the other networks. National Review, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck are all a joke. I am no fan of Donald Trump, but their attacks on him are shameless, and transparent. They should all be boycotted. Hannity, who I find annoying has been one of the few who has been fair to Trump.

  1. The only decent candidate was Rand Paul, our only hope on this election. The rest of them will destroy the USA.  Unfortunately Rand is done.
  2. Marco Rubio is a train wreck… would be amateur hour if this neocon became president. He is a used car salesman, a duplicitous politician on issues such as amnesty and you might as well adopt him as the next Bush.
  3. Thank God. Jeb!(tm), the man with no last name is gone. What an embarrassment.
  4. Ditto for Chrispy Creme…although he was the only candidate who addressed entitlements…I’ll give him credit for that.  Another dangerous neocon.
  5. I wish Kasich would just go away. Another bafoon, who wants to be a compassionate conservative with your money….whose father was a postal worker, btw. Did you know he is quite well off…he has done well in the public sector. Jerk.
  6. Good riddance Uncle Huckster Huckabee.  Another neocon who is happy to manage your hard-earned money with great wisdom and power….NOT!
  7. The only reason I feel sad Carly is gone is that it would have been a great debate between her and Hillary. But alas, the only republican capable of sticking IT to the democrats is out. Not that I think Carly would be a good candidate….but she would be better than rest of the losers on the GOP. I think of her as a neocon having Trump’s gonads with reckless business sense.
  8. I feel sorry for Ben Carson who was on his way down anyhow,  but the last nail was hammered into his coffin by Ted Cruz’ slimy campaign, and the media. I believe Carson is a decent guy, maybe a little misguided….who might be a decent president so long as he didn’t get any advice from the neocon goon squad lurking around Washington DC.
  9. On to Ted Cruz. This guy is slimy wolf in sheeps clothing as far as Christianity is concerned. Supporting him is like wanting to have a case of the clap. I feel dirty if I have to pull the lever for him. I only hope he will do as he says. I don’t like him after what happened to Ben Carson, and subsequent accusations against Trump, and his method of apologetics. Ted Cruz fired no-one over that which shows you the kind of man Ted Cruz is. Eventually he did have to fire his total jerk national spokesman Rick Tyler….who I see has joined MSNBC. A perfect fit for such a jerk. Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz just happens to manage a 40million dollar portfolio for one of those banking “cartels” that he rails against. Kind of hard to hide that elephant in the room….this will put ol’ Ted to the litmus test. If Cruz wins, he’ll be in the place of OJ Simpson being confronted with photographs of him wearing the shoes (in his past) of the kind worn by the murderer, footprints of which were found at the scene.  Only, we’ll see how the snake Ted responds to a banking crisis which is inevitable during the next presidency…I’m sure he’ll be bailing them out….all for the good of the people…I’m sure.  And yes, his natural born citizenship is to a degree questionable.
  10. Donald Trump has been a breath of fresh air in some ways for the rest of the republicans, simply because he has steered the debate and emphasized important issues, and he speaks from the heart unlike Rubio whose answers are pre-prepared and rehearsed. Trump is the strongest one on illegal aliens breaking laws in our country. Would he by executive order deport them? To be honest, all he would have to do is enforce existing laws,….kind of like uphold the office of the president and illegals would have to go home. He is serious enough about building a wall that I believe him. I doubt any of the others republicans would. Many who I now consider liars on the right, claim he wants single payer healthcare. I have seen interviews with him explicitly denying and desiring a more of a free market approach. He is probably the strongest on what to do about offshoring jobs. He is right on the debt although he seems a complete incompetent on what to do about it. So it seems I should be in favor of supporting Trump, no? No!  I’ll place my bets with the slimy Jackal Ted Cruz over Trump. What I fear about Trump is the imperial presidency set forth by president Zero and his chameleon-changing philosophy on important issues every other year. I don’t believe half the stuff that comes out of his mouth either.  At least with Ted Cruz, there is some consistency, and if he wins, there will probably be endless gridlock, and nothing will get done…so at least we have an idea where he stands.  It’s all about managing risk.
  11. Notice how not one candidate seriously spoke of government and entitlement austerity with $200trillion of unfunded liabilities on the books…possibly with the exception of Chrispy Creme. No candidate has the courage to address what really needs to be addressed….Forced austerity that comes with rising interest rates and the lost of faith in the dollar will end the debate.
  12. No one advocates a purely free market HSA that you create at birth and is yours all your life in which you can will to your progeny what you don’t use, and you deal with doctors with cash, and there is no such thing as insurance.  Health care costs would decrease by a factor of 5 and you would never need to have any insurance except catastrophic health insurance for things such as cancer and kidney transplants and the like.  Post script: Donald Trump actually has an improved health care plan that goes part way down the path I would like to go.

So my candidates in order as of now (those in parenthesis are out), who I will pull the lever, even if reluctantly: (Rand Paul), Ben Carson, (Carly Fiorina), Ted Cruz, Donald Trump. Those candidates I might have to get drunk to pull the lever for and then repent for doing so (Chrispy Creme), Marco Rubio. The candidates I would never pull the lever for: John Kasich, Jeb!(tm), Mike Huckster Huckabee, and Pataki.
Final thoughts. So what about the democrat candidates? You have a choice between a Keynesian on steroids (and hemorrhoids for all I know) whose fix for every problem he correctly identifies would have a disastrous unintended effect….versus an incompetent, reckless, lying evil lizard queen who knows know bounds for corruption and will yield such abuse of power when her incompetence gets her into trouble.  You think Slick willy was bad…. I mean the Clinton Foundation…..good grief…..Enough said.


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