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Ted Cruz, I’m pissed. You just lost my vote!….the Michelle Fields Fraud

March 29, 2016

For being a “Christian” man, Ted Cruz and campaign has stooped to a new low….politicizing Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s arm grab of Michelle Fields.

Any sane person who has watched the video  will see that Ms. Field was pulled away, but was not pulled “almost  to the ground”.  The poor little snot Michelle Fields didn’t like being man-handled by Lewandowski, and apparently wasn’t following the direction of the secret service anyway.   And to have Corey Lewandowski arrested for what I witnessed in the video is a joke.  She was pulled away, possibly fairly aggressively, but she never lost her balance…no arms are ever flailing about, and as the video shows, she continues in the same path once released unfazed by what had happened.  She is an opportunist biotch.

Anyhow, Lying Ted quickly picked up on the talking points….”this is the culture of the Trump campaign”.  What a piece of $hit.  Another campaign spokesperson echoed this on Orielly tonight.

Your motivation, Mr. Cruz, is transparent.  This is what I mean by honesty and transparency and why people don’t like lawyers, or politician in Washington.  You will live and die by this standard the rest of your career….mark my words.  I hope people have as much common sense as I and see Ted Cruz for what he is.

BTW, Lying Ted… completely lost my support.  I’ll plan on voting for Hitlery to spite you, Ted.  You are a worthless pile of you-know-what.  No wonder no one in Washington likes Ted Cruz.  What a worthless piece.

Post script:  Social Justice Warrior Megyn Kelley goes on the attack as does the biggest wuss of the “conservative” movement, Ben “weeny” Shapiro.  I’m done with these examples of human excrement, too.  Yes, Ben, Michelle Fields is an opportunist biotch.

I’ve watched three videos on this, the best video is here.  Fields didn’t almost lose her balance even in her stiletto heels and fall to the ground; her face is *completely* expressionless on the grab.  On the non-stop time video from a so-so angle, she hardly reacts to the pull of Lewandowski.  Knowing how low the “conservative” scum will go,  I’ll bet the bruises are fake, too.

Of course, verbally she stepped right into the act and played the victim……and the nomination for best actress in distress goes to……

This is going to backfire on Fields and the teeny-weeny Shapiro.  What a bunch of jerks.

What is the penalty for filing a false police report?

Click this link for a good analysis of the lie.


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