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A bunch of reasons why I don’t support Ted Cruz

April 7, 2016

I guess I am no longer a “conservative” when conservatives stand for bailing out banks which are too big to fail and perpetual war.

Here are a couple of things to consider when supporting Ted Cruz.

Cruz appointed former Senator Phil Gramm (UBS AG vice chairman) as his economic adviser.   For a guy who decries Crony capitalism, Cruz is either the biggest hypocrite in the world or a complete numbskull.  I tend to think (largely because he is married to a Bankster) that he is lyin’ Ted, the hypocrite.  I’m no progressive, but the banking system with its access to low interest money via the Federal reserve system is hardly a “free-market” system.  In fact, the US banking is the epitome of Crony capitalism in the world!  And the way it is run today, is fraught with all kinds of moral hazards, knowing the US taxpayer has their back.  (In this way, socialist Bernie has tapped into something that is a legitimate problem.  And Socialist Bernie’s idea of breaking of the banks is a solution that would probably go a long way towards solving the fraud, also, but its scorched earth solution.  But if you notice, Socialist Bernie never quite goes far enough and identifies sound money policies as the better solution. )

Anyway, I digress.  The LA Times does a good job of identifying who and what Phil Gramm is about.  There are other internet sites that do a good job of deconstrucing Phil Gramm.  Sorry folks, Ted Cruz isn’t quite backing up the talk when it comes to Cronyism and Crony capitalism.

Another problem I have with Lyin’ Ted is his foreign policy schmucks.  Do you want 4 more years of Bush…..If Lyin’ Ted is elected, we are guaranteed to have it.  The New American has an article on the neocon goon squad in which Cruz has surrounded himself.

Needless to say, that Lyin’ Ted is a lawyer, and it goes without saying what lawyers do….they lie.  Ann Coulter has a good article on Ted Cruz.


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