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Congratulations Donald Trump

November 9, 2016

What Trump did was exceptional.  He defeated:

The media establishment.

The DNC establishment.

The RNC establishment.

Rigged Elections.

George Soros.

The Clinton Political Scam Machine.

CNN (Clinton Pravda Network)

The #neverTrump movement. Elites like Matt Vespa, and Bay Genson (Guy Benson), Katie Pavlich, and the whole swamp over there.

So-called conservative SJW “chicks” on the right…..Dana Loesch, SE Cupp, Mary Katherine Hamm, Mona Charen….etc.  I regret buying one of Mona Charen’s books now……talk about a useful idiot.   I’ll toss that promptly into the trash.

Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Erick Erickson, Fox News, Megyn Kelly, Bill Krisol, George Will, Willard Romney, Hugh Hewitt

The Bush family.

Barack Obama

Evan McNuthin.

Has-been intellectuals like Thomas Sowell

Hollywood… won’t they fulfill their promise and leave the US?


Terry McAuliffe who gave voting rights to felons to give Virginia to Hillary.

Wall Street.

The Federal Reserve and Janet Yellen

He spent a fraction of what Hillary did.  He exposed the media for the shills they are.  He was right on just about everything.  Elections are rigged, and they still couldn’t defeat him.

Speaking of Mark Levin….what a creep. Today on the radio 11/9/16, I heard him taking credit for his listeners giving Trump the victory.  That clown is the biggest con-man out there.  Sorry pal, you disgust me.

I suspect this is only the beginning.  We’ll have to endure 4 years of whining from these losers.


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