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Laurence Vance, world class kook

March 12, 2017

I call Laurence Vance a world class kook, for many reasons but this one is up there…..he unquestionably implicitly endorses the idea that DST is deadly.  Now, I have many philosophical-theological agreements with Mr. Vance, but I do consider him the deranged lunatic of the libertarian kook fringe who makes libertarians look kooky by association. Even though I consider myself mostly libertarian, anti-war, pro-free market, and undoubtedly share many of the same philosophical beliefs as he does….I do not consider that lunatic a Christian brother.  Lew Rockwell sadly echos Vance.

It is just his knee-jerk endorsement of anything anti-republican that makes me label this clown a kook.  So I guess there is some snowflake study, published in a magazine by Duke Energy reports that the hour change interrupts sleep cycles and produces a lack of productivity and sadness.  “Studies “have found that the time change interrupts sleep cycles, causing fatigue, lack of productivity and sadness,”…Washington Examiner reports.

Yeah, whatever.  So does jet lag, and in today’s business world, it only takes flying to one time zone over to experience the same effect as produced by Daylight savings time.  I’m all in favor of abolishing the biannual time change, and staying permanently on DST, but this is really much ado about almost nothing, and is a far more complex issue than Laurence Vance would lead you to believe.  Did someone actually commission a study on this and come to such conclusions?  Who paid for it?  Was it worth the money?….What do they get out of this?…….those are my biggest questions.

The reality, many special interest favor keeping the time changes….ski areas in Colorado, for instance, and yes, they exert anti-libertarian political influence.  But government isn’t out to shorten or ruin your life, in this case, any more than any company who sends its sales force out for business trips nationally or internationally.

We libertarians have far more important fish to fry.


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