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Hey Trump! George Bush Called….he wants his foreign policy back

April 17, 2017

 Ann Coulter has more on this.

Sooner or later regardless of what any president-elect promises….., its inevitable they’ll morph into a neocon.  In Trump’s case, it didn’t take him long at all.

So Trump tweets about what a waste Syria is, and how its not in our nation’s interest to engage Syria, and then goes forth committing an act of war with 59 tomahawk cruise missiles against said country, drops the mother of all bombs on Afghanistan, and is about engage in nuclear Chess with a madman in North Korea.

I still suspect we are better off with Trump winning, but he is quickly morphing into the thing his constituency despises……a neocon warmonger.  Just who does he think he is trying to impress?  …..  Bill Kristol?  Robert Kagan? ….George Will?


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