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Journal “Cogent Social Sciences” gets punked.

May 21, 2017

College education has become a joke. The older I get, the more I realize what a sad state universities have become. The fact that 44 billion people go into debt for a college degree to the tune of 1.4 trillion is just one symptom of the idiocracy we are plunging inexorably toward.

I will shed not one tear as this implodes, and universities are closed down…in fact, I’ll buy the popcorn and rejoice in the spectacle.  But the fact that most of this debt is being anchored around the necks of young people who do not understand what they are buying, how they are paying for it, what debt is, or what a return on investment is, and is being facilitated by our government is criminal.

First there was this video

And now, the journal “Cogent Social Sciences” gets punked:

Oh, how the irony.

One line in this paper says it all….this funny stuff:

“Nowhere are the consequences of hypermasculine machismo braggadocio isomorphic identification with the conceptual penis more problematic than concerning the issue of climate change.”

Link to actual pdf of the article of what passes muster in a peer reviewed journal on “cogent social sciences”.   LOL.

So next time some academic tries to flaunt his/her credentials, and has PhD after his name… can laugh mockingly and ask if they have published in “Cogent Social Sciences”.



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