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Healthcare: It’s really quite simple Republicans

June 24, 2017

To be the party of limited government, pass one sheet of legislation that proposes repealing every jot and tittle of the affordable care act, Medicaid, Medicare etc.

You are basically done there.

If one has to make concessions to the democrats, pass a HSA mandate where from birth, you open a HSA account that employers and government can contribute to that is yours to keep, that is yours to use as you see fit, and that is yours to will to progeny or charity as you see fit.  Employers would also fund HSAs of  employee’s children.  The government would fund a small safety net portion, to cover basic necessities like the costs of annual checkups.   The government would mandate that the minimum employer contribution be 2% of your pay.  So if you earn $10 an hour, or $20000/year, your account be funded by the employer $400 for each employee and $400 for each family member.  This will also cover most checkups.  When you are young, you typically don’t need to see a physician on an annual basis.  My kids haven’t seen a doctor in years.

The government would cover their contribution cost with a small fixed FICA-like tax to cover this safety net.   Providers who wish to provide healthcare and want to be paid out of an HSA, need to apply for verification of legitimacy.  (I admit even this is dangerous, but we need a check and balance for crony abuse)

Then health care decisions  are between the patient and the provider with no say from the government, at all (other than provider application verification).  In this, you get 100% coverage as the progressives desire, and personal freedom the republican party supposedly stands for, and health will now be the responsibility of the patient.

No one would fall through the cracks for basic services, and as health savings accounts grew (because most of your costs occur later in life), they could cover late-life medical costs.   Those HSAs willed to charity, they could be used to cover those hardship cases that have the potential to fall into cracks.

How to deal with current retirees? Open accounts and fund immediately with a 10-year government bail-out funded by current medicare and medicaid funding.  After a generation, this kind of one-time senior bailout will not be needed.  Costs would drop dramatically as the cost of medical care would drop by a factor of at least 2.

The only one to lose their lunch on this deal are insurance companies.

Finally end government monopolistic protections for pharmaceuticals so they cannot foist their high costs of drugs on the American public, and eliminate the FDA.


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