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Oh, cry me a river Jamie Weinstein

August 17, 2017

So Mr. Michelle Fields, nee Jamie (how ironic ) Weinstein, cuckservative “wife” to social justice warrior Michelle Fields of #grabgate fame has to write an article about Trump’s moral failings destroying conservatism.  As though Jamie Weinstein can be objective about Trump, you see.  So, according to Jamie, a non-conservative like Trump is destroying “conservatism”.  The irony of moral failings:  Michelle #grabgate Fields who lied about being “tossed to the ground” by Corey Lewandowski is Jamie’s wife.  You just can’t make this stuff up.

The bolshevik left usually depends on George Soros to hire lap dogs to do the globalist left’s bidding, but they get the cuck lap dog Weinstein for free (I guess he might be on Soros’s payroll as well).  Like  a good subservient cuck, he upholds the left’s narrative that Trump is causing “conservatives” to be conflated with white nationalism and nazism.  In fact, there is little difference these days between folk like Weinstein, Kristol, Goldberg (coincidentally all Jews by the way), and the antifa left…..thus you get narratives originated by the left, parroted by Weinstein.

I have multiple problems with Weinstein’s thesis.  The first, is it is the left who identifies anyone who disagrees with them as a Nazi.   (The left has a strange fixation with Nazi’s…usually a sign of projection).   It’s because Trump actually stands in their way and gets under their skin is really why the left labels Trump a Nazi.  And because Trump correctly rejects their premise that the white nationalists in Charlottesville were the sole cause of events….poor little Weinstein assumes Trump must support white nationalism.  The argument is pure BS.

About the only thing I agree with Weinstein is that Trump isn’t particularly conservative, simply because Trump has never really been particularly political….he’s been a businessman.  The last I observed the American voter has a really bad opinion of politicians in Washington, and they voted Trump to the office of POTUS, a non-political outsider who isn’t beholding to the special interests which have given us the mess we are in. The left and #neverTrump neocon right just don’t get it.   Trump was voted to drain swamp creatures like Michelle Fields, and to undo the disastrous policies of the Obama administration.  And he has thus far has for the most part fulfilled that promise.  Where he has fallen short, is due to a feckless republican party supposedly supporting him.

Their day (Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, and McCain if he makes it) is coming.

The next problem I have with Weinstein’s thesis is that according to him, “alt-right” is a euphemism for white nationalism.   Is this so? Where is this intellectual body of literature and study been made to support this.   Where is the alt-right organizational headquarters….its brain trust.   I am not aware of one study that establishes the alt-right as an organized part of the republican right, or that the alt-right has any significant organizational impact on the policies of republicans.

Trump again was correct by pressing the reporter to define what the alt-right is, to which she deferred (my memory is foggy on this) to John McCuck McCain….who with all his intellectual might labelled the alt-right as “so-called”.  What a joke.  This is purely a bogeyman of the left and Weinstein, and McCain, being the good little cucks they are were brainwashed by the left’s narrative.   White nationalists make up an irrelevant part of “right” depending on how you define “white nationalist”.  (I personally wouldn’t identify any caucasian who wants to see America great again, a white nationalist).  David Duke, last he ran was rejected by the republican party.

So Trump isn’t a “conservative”.  And based by the neocon “conservative” purists, few are.   The pure conservatives are only to be found in the bowels of National Review, Washington DC, and talk radio.  And these people are now despised, universally.  They will never win an election with their narrow tent.

Since George Bush, being a “conservative” has lost its luster:  the label “conservative” has been co-opted and damaged by the neocons…….which ironically has at its own core of (white) nationalism also known as “American Exceptionalism”.  They advocate interventionist policies all over the world….policing 3rd world cesspools, and bullying tin pot dictators.  But for some explicable reason, this neocon right rejects trump.  I guess Trump isn’t hawkish enough, or isn’t on their payroll, or something.  maybe because he hasn’t invaded North Korea and Syria at the same time they don’t like him.

Weinstein probably has other problems….the ability to think and draw conclusions for himself that is independent of the National Review.

Nevertheless, Trump’s “make America great again” seems to want to appease these folks….which is dangerous.  I am hoping Trump is smarter in foreign policy than I .    It appears Trump’s actions taken thus far have been far more successful than I would have expected, and far more effective than his predecessor, Hussein Obama who was a dangerous destabilizing force for no good in the Middle East.

Trump is learning what a cesspool Washington is.  I have witnessed how he has become a little more shrewd in his dealings with the press.  What his supporters love about him is when he fights back….rather than roll over much like Weinstein has adopting the left’s premise and narrative about the alt-right.

So my advice to Mrs cuck Jamie[sic]Weinstein….be careful where you tread.  You, like your unemployed wifie… are walking on razor’s edge …and your career as a pundit could follow your wife’s right down into the toilet.  Being an obvious  beta-male, married to a social justice warrier like Michelle Fields, I give their marriage under 5 years.  But that is another story for another day.




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