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Trump and the GOP’s really bad week

March 25, 2018

The party of limited government and fiscal responsibility strikes again, outspending its demonrat predecessors, making Chuck Schumer of all people happy.  “We were able to accomplish more in the minority” Chucky states, ….in impoverishing future generations I conclude.  Take a bow, Chuck.

I have to laugh at the genius Vox Day making excuses for Trump.  “One step back, and two steps forwards”.   What a joke….more like 3 steps back, one step foward.  The one thing Vox has correctly identified is that it is no accident Trump is surrounded by his enemies on all sides and they will not quit until he is impeached.  Trump rolling over and signing this omnibus bill  has signaled and initiated that end.  But his constituency is not going to abandon the Trump train, as Vox might think.   However, there will be far less than enthusiasm and far more cynicism at the prospects Trump represents for draining the swamp.

Unless the economy shows improvement without the concomitant inflation, I predict this will doom the GOP in the midterms, and will make Trump a one term president, if he is ever able to finish off his first term.  Just as well, he has failed, and continues to fail to drain the swamp.

To top it off, Trump selects John Bolton of all neocons, to be his national security adviser.  Talk about colossal stupidity.  I really doubt this is 3 dimensional chess we are seeing played out here.

The only thing I take solace in, is Trump is not Hillary.

Good Grief.


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