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Welcome to my blog.    I am a Christian husband and home-schooling father of three.    I spend over 40 hours of my week as an analog design engineer in the semiconductor industry.   I plan on writing about an eclectic number of topics that interest me…politics, pundits, family, theology, philosophy, engineering, and home-schooling.    I hope this blog may be of interest and help to someone, somewhere.  Otherwise, it will be a great venue for me to rant and rave even if no one reads it.

Politically, I am a conservative-libertarian.  I am pro-life, pro-free markets, pro-sound money, pro-homeschooling, pro-liberty, and anti-war.  Government should only exist to protect life, preserve inalienable rights, and provide for the common defense.    What motivates my political philosophy is God’s 10 commandments.  In particular, these three are important for everyone, especially our politicians to obey:

“Thou shall not steal”.   “Thou shalt not covet.”    “Thou shalt not kill.”

Unfortunately, our nation’s politicians spend ALL of their time thinking of new creative ways of breaking these commandments for the  common good.  I despise them.

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