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Some useful resources I have found for home-schooling my children; I hope you find them useful, too.

  • Beestar    I use this for weekly problem sets in math and english.  I do not use the vocabulary worksheets for various reasons.
  • SuperTeacher  Very low cost website with an enormous number and breadth of resources.  I find the spelling and grammar worksheets are extremely useful.  They cover math, writing, grammar, and diagramming sentences.  One low cost annual fee for unlimited access, and worth every penny.  Highly recommended.
  • Sentence Diagrammer   Free, awesome tool for learning grammar and how to diagram sentences.  Highly recommended.
  • MathFactCafe   Very useful and low cost website (donations only)  for math, money, and time worksheets.   Recommended.
  • Susan Wise Bauer’s Resource page.  I use her history and writing materials.  Her history is excellent integrating Old Testament history.  Highly recommended.
  •  Pricey.  I have spent big $$ here for what I consider to be so-so science for home-schooling.  It’s mostly activity based, and a little shallow on concepts for my liking.   It isn’t bad, but it isn’t great.  The woman who runs it gets a little annoying after a while.  I had higher hopes.  Recommended with reservations.
  •  Medium pricey.  I bought the entire curriculum.  There is some value here.  There isn’t enough flexibility for repitition.  I integrate math mammoth with Beestar to create a comprehensive whole.  Recommended.
  • God’s Great Covenant     Christian based, rich in content, and edifying.  The series consists of Book 1 and Book 2, with companion teacher editions 1, and 2.  Highly recommended.
  • Teaching your kids to read  I highly recommend this DISTAR program.  I have successfully used it  3 times, now.  Highly recommended.
  • Introductory Latin:  I am fond of this for beginners.  William Linney has additional resources at his website.  Highly recommended.
  • Latin:  More advanced Latin materials for sale.  Recommended.
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