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The late 80’s alt-right

Before there was Milo, or Mike Cernovich, there was Pete Schaub.  It appears Pete Schaub was too early, however.  I was attending the University of Washington at the time the Pete Shaub controversy occurred.  In it, we find the precursor to today’s modern snowflakes.

As an eyewitness to many of the events which transpired at that time, I can say Pete Shaub was the perfect alt-right threat to the special snowflakes in that era.  He was blond, muscular, good-looking, articulate, and funny as hell.  He epitomized the ideal Aryan race….and I mean that only as a stereotype, an image.  I don’t claim to speak for Pete Schaub nor know what his politics were.  I don’t know if he thouht himself as right wing or left wing.

Basically Shaub was kicked out of a women’s studies course for questioning the BS statistics that inverted truth on its head, and glorified lesbianism.  He may have been more antagonistic than that; I cannot say, but anytime I was around him, Pete got the better of the feminists.

I was not taking this  women’s studies class at that time, so I cannot vouch for his behavior in the class.  But, I can say, that appearances on Town Meeting (with Ken Schram, and Gloria Allred), Pete had the many women in the audience turning against Gloria Allred.  And on campus, during the many protests, Pete got the better of the feminists shouting through blow horns.

So Shaub went to the dean of the arts and sciences department about being kicked out of the women studies class, and the associate dean, James Nason, trying to appease both sides, told Pete he would give him credit so long as he dropped the course, which Pete agreed.

So here is the thing.  I would suggest that was a reasonable tactic by the associate dean of arts and sciences, but the only problem is we are dealing with special snowflakes.  But I am entertained by the take of the NY Times:

“Some class members asserted that Mr. Schaub’s repeated questions, and what became his antagonistic view of the class, made them afraid to express their own views.”

Poor special snowflakes.

The NY Times confesses:

“But other class members, including some women who identified themselves feminists, said Mr. Schaub was never disruptive and that his only offense was to challenge the views of the two instructors, Donna Langston and DanaMichele. ‘It’s Too Conservative'”

So, I guess Dana-Michele Brown resigned from the University of Washington, and we haven’t heard from her since….I guess Pete Schaub got the best of her, too.   From my perspective at the time, the only one trying to intimidate others were the feminist.  It certainly wasn’t Pete Shaub.

God Bless him.  I wonder where he is now.



Legislation I can get behind

From a democrat, no-less.

We just need to extend it to foreign aid, and other “acts” of charity done by our government.

Laurence Vance, world class kook

I call Laurence Vance a world class kook, for many reasons but this one is up there…..he unquestionably implicitly endorses the idea that DST is deadly.  Now, I have many philosophical-theological agreements with Mr. Vance, but I do consider him the deranged lunatic of the libertarian kook fringe who makes libertarians look kooky by association. Even though I consider myself mostly libertarian, anti-war, pro-free market, and undoubtedly share many of the same philosophical beliefs as he does….I do not consider that lunatic a Christian brother.  Lew Rockwell sadly echos Vance.

It is just his knee-jerk endorsement of anything anti-republican that makes me label this clown a kook.  So I guess there is some snowflake study, published in a magazine by Duke Energy reports that the hour change interrupts sleep cycles and produces a lack of productivity and sadness.  “Studies “have found that the time change interrupts sleep cycles, causing fatigue, lack of productivity and sadness,”…Washington Examiner reports.

Yeah, whatever.  So does jet lag, and in today’s business world, it only takes flying to one time zone over to experience the same effect as produced by Daylight savings time.  I’m all in favor of abolishing the biannual time change, and staying permanently on DST, but this is really much ado about almost nothing, and is a far more complex issue than Laurence Vance would lead you to believe.  Did someone actually commission a study on this and come to such conclusions?  Who paid for it?  Was it worth the money?….What do they get out of this?…….those are my biggest questions.

The reality, many special interest favor keeping the time changes….ski areas in Colorado, for instance, and yes, they exert anti-libertarian political influence.  But government isn’t out to shorten or ruin your life, in this case, any more than any company who sends its sales force out for business trips nationally or internationally.

We libertarians have far more important fish to fry.

The Global Warming Swindle

Watch the video.



Progressives want to draft women into the US Military

“President Obama supports requiring women to register for Selective Service when they turn 18 — becoming the first president to endorse universal draft registration since Jimmy Carter.”

May God grant that President Obama’s two daughters be the first to be drafted into a combat brigade to fight whatever war a republican starts.

Progressives love war.  They see no differences between men and women, and the military is a great place to run social experiments.  So when the pink “light” brigade comes up against some battle-weary-hardened enemy who do not share “western progressive” values, don’t be surprised at the shock they’ll express as their daughters suffer the “not-imagined” consequences of war.

There is no need for a draft in a truly free society.    If our society were truly free, “people” would volunteer to fight for that freedom because it would be something of value they would not want to lose.  Simply because we are  not free, progressives want to reserve the right to conscript “women”.

Leftists/progressives never  imagine what happens when republicans are the ones starting a war of aggression, using the option leftists have created, drafting their daughters into combat.

Myth?: Conservatives are Warmongers

So I’ve decided to spend a part of my Thanksgiving morning debunking the blog of David Goetsch (I have connected his name to his website via Amazon) .  He thinks that it’s a liberal myth that conservatives are warmongers.

He writes:  “For example, one of the favorite myths of liberals is that conservatives are warmongers.”

I don’t consider myself a liberal by today’s standards.  I actually consider myself quite “conservative”, but anti-war.  By my own conservative standard, I argue conservatives ARE the biggest advocates of war, and have a Wilsonian impulse towards interventionism.

The definition of “warmonger” which will suffice from google:

“A political leader or activist who encourages or advocates aggression or warfare toward other nations or groups.”   This definition is very appropriate for those on the right (as well as a some on the left).  Who could ever be confused about this?

So Mr. Goetsch, argues ironically, that liberals are simplistic about war.

“There are things Americans can do to help prevent war, but they do not include displaying naïve bumper stickers or putting our trust in the United Nations.”

and the kind of war, liberals are naive about:

“Americans can help prevent war by opening their eyes and admitting what they see: a world filled with people who hate the United States and everything it stands for, people who are determined to bring our country to its knees.  People who will gladly blow themselves up if they can kill innocent Americans in the process will not be deterred by bumper stickers or the impotent involvement of the United Nations.

So Mr. Goetsch argues for that which will prevent people blowing themselves up and bringing our country to its knees:

“….there is only one way to effectively prevent wars.  That way is to field the best-trained, best-funded, best equipped, best-supported military in the world.  To prevent war—whether conventional, terrorist, or nuclear—America must have a military that can quickly and effectively make the cost of attacking the United States too high to even contemplate.”

So this is logic from the warmongering right like David Goetsch.      We don’t spend enough on the military and by spending more, it will prevent people from around the world from “gladly blowing themselves up taking innocent Americans along with them” because the cost of doing so will be too high.

Go figure.

Here are some basic facts for the warmonger David Goetsch.  The US outspends its nearest competitor, China, by almost 3x.  The Saudis are #3, on the list, and we outspend them by about 7x.   Another potential enemy, Russia, has 1/9th the military budget.  Iran is not even on the list.

Spending 100x any nation will not do anything from preventing enemies of the US from strapping on bombs and taking out innocent Americans.  Suggesting otherwise is ridiculous since we already outspend these nations and it does nothing to prevent others from attacking soft targets.

It cost the US trillions to cross an ocean to invade little tin-pot dictatorship such as Iraq, ….What exactly would be the cost of any enemy of the United States trying to cross either the Atlantic or Pacific oceans with a ground force able to take the US or even Washington DC for that matter?    It’s laughable.  Even with a quarter of the US military, no country could invade us.  And even if we wanted to invade and conquer China with 3x our present military, we could never do so.  The cost and loss is just too prohibitive.

Frankly, we spend what we do on the  US military to project power away from US soil.  This IS expensive.  And then we meddle in the affairs of other countries and their neighbors which which make us the target of retaliation, and does manifest itself attacks upon soft targets.  Of course Mr. Goetsch can’t put two and two together.

And just for Mr. Goetsch information, I advocate we kick the UN out of the US.  We have no business as a sovereign nation being involved with any organization that erodes our sovereignty and national interests.

The standard response to my arguments by the likes of Mr. Goetsch is that I advocate a foreign policy of isolationism.   To which, I reply I advocate non-interventionism and not isolationism.  Non-iterventionism IS the foreign policy of our founding fathers.  I advocate a foreign policy that negotiates in America’s best interest without entangling alliances.

The advocates of war and interventionism come from the neoconservative right  and the military industrial complex (which is basically a subset of the neoconservative right).  Examples of the neocon right are the editors of the National Review and various national security think tanks such as PNAC and FPI.  They occupy much of our federal government and control the republican party .  Thankfully, since George Bush’s reckless war, they have been repudiated, and have been losing power.

In a closing note, bankrupting a country in support of war , for the pursuit of spreading democracy  abroad,  has in hindsight only weakened he United States economically, has resulted in Barrack Obama being elected twice, has eroded liberties at home, and has accomplished almost nothing it promised to deliver.  A strong defense is needed, but I do not for a moment believe we need to project our power all across the world, nor do we need to meddle in other nation’s business.

As Jacob Hornberger correctly concludes:

“It’s time to toss empire and interventionism into the dustbin of history, once and for all. They have brought nothing but death, destruction, anger, hatred, resentment, and animosity abroad and a loss of liberty, privacy, and prosperity here at home. It’s time to lead the world out of the statist morass in which it is mired.”

Congratulations Donald Trump

What Trump did was exceptional.  He defeated:

The media establishment.

The DNC establishment.

The RNC establishment.

Rigged Elections.

George Soros.

The Clinton Political Scam Machine.

CNN (Clinton Pravda Network)

The #neverTrump movement. Elites like Matt Vespa, and Bay Genson (Guy Benson), Katie Pavlich, and the whole swamp over there.

So-called conservative SJW “chicks” on the right…..Dana Loesch, SE Cupp, Mary Katherine Hamm, Mona Charen….etc.  I regret buying one of Mona Charen’s books now……talk about a useful idiot.   I’ll toss that promptly into the trash.

Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Erick Erickson, Fox News, Megyn Kelly, Bill Krisol, George Will, Willard Romney, Hugh Hewitt

The Bush family.

Barack Obama

Evan McNuthin.

Has-been intellectuals like Thomas Sowell

Hollywood… won’t they fulfill their promise and leave the US?


Terry McAuliffe who gave voting rights to felons to give Virginia to Hillary.

Wall Street.

The Federal Reserve and Janet Yellen

He spent a fraction of what Hillary did.  He exposed the media for the shills they are.  He was right on just about everything.  Elections are rigged, and they still couldn’t defeat him.

Speaking of Mark Levin….what a creep. Today on the radio 11/9/16, I heard him taking credit for his listeners giving Trump the victory.  That clown is the biggest con-man out there.  Sorry pal, you disgust me.

I suspect this is only the beginning.  We’ll have to endure 4 years of whining from these losers.