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Journal “Cogent Social Sciences” gets punked.

College education has become a joke. The older I get, the more I realize what a sad state universities have become. The fact that 44 billion people go into debt for a college degree to the tune of 1.4 trillion is just one symptom of the idiocracy we are plunging inexorably toward.

I will shed not one tear as this implodes, and universities are closed down…in fact, I’ll buy the popcorn and rejoice in the spectacle.  But the fact that most of this debt is being anchored around the necks of young people who do not understand what they are buying, how they are paying for it, what debt is, or what a return on investment is, and is being facilitated by our government is criminal.

First there was this video

And now, the journal “Cogent Social Sciences” gets punked:

Oh, how the irony.

One line in this paper says it all….this funny stuff:

“Nowhere are the consequences of hypermasculine machismo braggadocio isomorphic identification with the conceptual penis more problematic than concerning the issue of climate change.”

Link to actual pdf of the article of what passes muster in a peer reviewed journal on “cogent social sciences”.   LOL.

So next time some academic tries to flaunt his/her credentials, and has PhD after his name… can laugh mockingly and ask if they have published in “Cogent Social Sciences”.


Hey Trump! George Bush Called….he wants his foreign policy back

 Ann Coulter has more on this.

Sooner or later regardless of what any president-elect promises….., its inevitable they’ll morph into a neocon.  In Trump’s case, it didn’t take him long at all.

So Trump tweets about what a waste Syria is, and how its not in our nation’s interest to engage Syria, and then goes forth committing an act of war with 59 tomahawk cruise missiles against said country, drops the mother of all bombs on Afghanistan, and is about engage in nuclear Chess with a madman in North Korea.

I still suspect we are better off with Trump winning, but he is quickly morphing into the thing his constituency despises……a neocon warmonger.  Just who does he think he is trying to impress?  …..  Bill Kristol?  Robert Kagan? ….George Will?

The late 80’s alt-right

Before there was Milo, or Mike Cernovich, there was Pete Schaub.  It appears Pete Schaub was too early, however.  I was attending the University of Washington at the time the Pete Shaub controversy occurred.  In it, we find the precursor to today’s modern snowflakes.

As an eyewitness to many of the events which transpired at that time, I can say Pete Shaub was the perfect alt-right threat to the special snowflakes in that era.  He was blond, muscular, good-looking, articulate, and funny as hell.

Basically Shaub was kicked out of a women’s studies course for questioning the BS statistics that inverted truth on its head, and glorified lesbianism.  He may have been more antagonistic than that; I cannot say, but anytime I was around him, Pete got the better of the feminists.

I was not taking this  women’s studies class at that time, so I cannot vouch for his behavior in the class.  But, I can say, that appearances on Town Meeting (with Ken Schram, and Gloria Allred), Pete had the many women in the audience turning against Gloria Allred.  And on campus, during the many protests, Pete got the better of the feminists shouting through blow horns.

So Shaub went to the dean of the arts and sciences department about being kicked out of the women studies class, and the associate dean, James Nason, trying to appease both sides, told Pete he would give him credit so long as he dropped the course, which Pete agreed.

So here is the thing.  I would suggest that was a reasonable tactic by the associate dean of arts and sciences, but the only problem is we are dealing with special snowflakes.  But I am entertained by the take of the NY Times:

“Some class members asserted that Mr. Schaub’s repeated questions, and what became his antagonistic view of the class, made them afraid to express their own views.”

Poor special snowflakes.

The NY Times confesses:

“But other class members, including some women who identified themselves feminists, said Mr. Schaub was never disruptive and that his only offense was to challenge the views of the two instructors, Donna Langston and DanaMichele. ‘It’s Too Conservative'”

So, I guess Dana-Michele Brown resigned from the University of Washington, and we haven’t heard from her since….I guess Pete Schaub got the best of her, too.   From my perspective at the time, the only one trying to intimidate others were the feminist.  It certainly wasn’t Pete Shaub.

God Bless him.  I wonder where he is now.


Legislation I can get behind

From a democrat, no-less.

We just need to extend it to foreign aid, and other “acts” of charity done by our government.

Laurence Vance, world class kook

I call Laurence Vance a world class kook, for many reasons but this one is up there…..he unquestionably implicitly endorses the idea that DST is deadly.  Now, I have many philosophical-theological agreements with Mr. Vance, but I do consider him the deranged lunatic of the libertarian kook fringe who makes libertarians look kooky by association. Even though I consider myself mostly libertarian, anti-war, pro-free market, and undoubtedly share many of the same philosophical beliefs as he does….I do not consider that lunatic a Christian brother.  Lew Rockwell sadly echos Vance.

It is just his knee-jerk endorsement of anything anti-republican that makes me label this clown a kook.  So I guess there is some snowflake study, published in a magazine by Duke Energy reports that the hour change interrupts sleep cycles and produces a lack of productivity and sadness.  “Studies “have found that the time change interrupts sleep cycles, causing fatigue, lack of productivity and sadness,”…Washington Examiner reports.

Yeah, whatever.  So does jet lag, and in today’s business world, it only takes flying to one time zone over to experience the same effect as produced by Daylight savings time.  I’m all in favor of abolishing the biannual time change, and staying permanently on DST, but this is really much ado about almost nothing, and is a far more complex issue than Laurence Vance would lead you to believe.  Did someone actually commission a study on this and come to such conclusions?  Who paid for it?  Was it worth the money?….What do they get out of this?…….those are my biggest questions.

The reality, many special interest favor keeping the time changes….ski areas in Colorado, for instance, and yes, they exert anti-libertarian political influence.  But government isn’t out to shorten or ruin your life, in this case, any more than any company who sends its sales force out for business trips nationally or internationally.

We libertarians have far more important fish to fry.

The Global Warming Swindle

Watch the video.



Progressives want to draft women into the US Military

“President Obama supports requiring women to register for Selective Service when they turn 18 — becoming the first president to endorse universal draft registration since Jimmy Carter.”

May God grant that President Obama’s two daughters be the first to be drafted into a combat brigade to fight whatever war a republican starts.

Progressives love war.  They see no differences between men and women, and the military is a great place to run social experiments.  So when the pink “light” brigade comes up against some battle-weary-hardened enemy who do not share “western progressive” values, don’t be surprised at the shock they’ll express as their daughters suffer the “not-imagined” consequences of war.

There is no need for a draft in a truly free society.    If our society were truly free, “people” would volunteer to fight for that freedom because it would be something of value they would not want to lose.  Simply because we are  not free, progressives want to reserve the right to conscript “women”.

Leftists/progressives never  imagine what happens when republicans are the ones starting a war of aggression, using the option leftists have created, drafting their daughters into combat.