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Adam Walinsky will vote Trump

This is the first article I have ever read from a democrat in which I would very much agree.  Adam Walinsky, Robert Kennedy’s speechwriter, makes a compelling case on why Trump, while imperfect, is our best choice for president.

Jack Kerwick On #NeverTrumpers

Jack Kerwick does a good job analyzing the #neverTrump movement.  In short summary, the #neverTrumpers opposition to Trump has more to due with Trump’s lack of allegiance to neoconservatism, rather than conservatism.

I couldn’t agree more.  This is a good article.  Read it.

It is interesting how they cheer on Hillary over Trump simply, as Kerwick explains, “his neocon critics are aching for him to lose royally in November so that they can have the satisfaction, at long last, of saying, after nearly 18 months of being wrong, that they were right.”


Watch this video.

Watch this video.

May a house from Kansas fall on her head.

Greatest Pro-Trump Video

See this link.  Thought this was hilarious!

Interesting to note, my candidate Rand Paul will endorse Trump.

Jeb!(tm), Mittens, and Lindsey Gramnesty refuse to vote for Trump.  They feel their future as career politicians is in jeopardy.

Yes, Ted Cruz lies a lot!

Just look at a few links.  Link 1, Link 2

The best you can argue is that Ted Cruz is very selective on what Donald Trump says…..and no matter what,  Cruz distorts Trump’s positions.  At worst, these our down-right lies are an attempt to destroy Trump.

For the Christian Cruz-bots out there, this false witness bearing is what the bible prohibits.  So Cruz was God’s chosen or anointed?

God’s so-called anointed failed.  I wonder if his failure was due to these kinds of slimey dishonest tactics.    And you wonder why the evangelical vote went to Trump, and not Cruz?

The media will never report this.

I am glad Ted Cruz is gone.

The Dishonest

This is a report on why the public distrusts the media, be it conservative or liberal.  Part of being “legitimate”  media is being forthright and honest.  The media discredits itself by being a shameless propaganda arm of their respective political party.  Most on the right claim this is commonly the case with the “mainstream media” being the propaganda arm of the democratic party.    The neoconservative right has its own “mainstream” media:, Fox News, and talk radio (Glen Beck, Mark Levin) is the propaganda arm of the neoconservative, warmongering right.

And like media outlets of the left, and Fox News tries to shape the culture by ignoring events that do not align with their desired narrative, and blowing out of proportion events which do align.   One example dishonest propaganda from the neoconservative right being driven by Stop-Trumpism, is blowing out of proportion the Michelle Shields #grabgate hoax.  Megyn Kelly of Fox News jumped on that same bandwagon, as well as other noted conservatives.

And an example of a sin of omission by major media outlet is’s non-reporting of the major coup involving the Cruz campaign over at the Eagle Forum.  Not one media outlet of the neoconservative right (to my knowledge) has reported on this….all I hear are crickets.  Shame on, Fox News, and talk radio.  The reason why ignores this controversy is one of the most significant figures of the evangelical right happens to support Donald Trump.    This would be non other than Phyllis Schlafly.

This is huge news…..and has resulted in the strong arm of Phyllis Schafly at 91 years of age taking the hatchet and cleaning house, firing long term associates with the Eagle Forum …..and what do I hear from the neoconservative right?  Crickets.  This is simply because Schlafly supports Donald Trump which goes against the narrative they want to promote.  Ironically , Schlafly also happens to be a columnist at so its doubly dishonest that they haven’t reported this at all.  They can’t possibly criticize her, she garners way too much respect compared to the 25yo twits on the editorial board who aren’t worth $5 an hour. is a joke.

Public Education and Big Government


Count them!!  In just one city, Detroit,…..twelve principals stole $1Million in a Vendor kickback scheme.  Not one whistle blower, anywhere.  Lovely.   And these are the “poor” schmucks that got caught….this was going on for years!!

If you want to meet one of the principals on the take, observe this video of a sweet, sweet man, Principal Ronald Alexander, of Charles Spain Elementary.

So those young’ns of college age and soon to be college age who feel “the bern” and love big government, and hate capitalism, just pause to ponder for one minute.  This is just one city and one government institution (public education) with $1Million in corruption involving 12 principals.  Just think of the corruption when you are dealing with public moneys that are not your own, and have little oversight or accountability.  The amount of this stuff going on must be staggering.

Since government is everywhere, just pause to think nationwide, how ubiquitous corruption is, and how such a  sweet, sweet man can be turned criminal!

Then ponder that there is no free lunch.  This comes at a cost…consider the cost of theft…what moneys can be better used in productive means….i.e. real productive jobs.

do not waste your vote for the Bern, or Shillary for that matter.  The abuse will only continue.